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17 June 2018

I want to thank you for your Interest in bettering the future for yourself and your colleagues.
There are thousands of you all over Australia slogging it day in day out, and from those of you we have spoken with so far, you have told us that this industry needs to change so it remains relevant.
Here are some comments from you so far:

Better future for podiatry”
“Together we create unity, unity is strength"
“I love the profession and want the best for its future and my future”
“To maximise time and finance aspects of the business and overall outcomes for podiatry by being part of the podiatry community.”
“I would like to contribute to protecting our profession.”

"I believe this could be the vehicle that propels podiatry to being a front & centre as the foot & ankle specialist with the allied health realm."

We have received over a hundred expressions of support in the last week, and more are coming in every day.
In our experience disruption is inevitable in any industry, however it’s up to you to decide who does it.

We could just maintain the status quo and let someone else do it. Or, we could drive positive change ourselves and control the outcomes.

The only we way can do this is by teaming up. Together we can control the supply chain, control the development and control the revenue which will underpin this industry now and into the future.

We're looking forward to embarking on this journey with you!

Best Regards,

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