Talk About Momentum!!!

15 July 2019

A biiiiiiig PodsEquity congratulations to shareholders that have already accessed indemnity, public liability and even contents insurance through PodsInsure, and it’s great to see PodsFinance continuing to process applications for car, property, fit-out and equipment purchases for our existing members. The commissions that have been generated, which previously would go solely to financial institutions, will now come back to shareholders as profits and dividends! 

We would also like to thank the Pods that have registered with PodsLearning and taken advantage of the great discounts on CPD learning programs. We know that Josh who delivers the programs is very passionate and committed to delivering excellent content. 

HICAPS, who we have partnered with to bring our shareholders great terminal and transaction savings, has advised that there are a significant number of PodsEquity shareholders that have taken advantage of the discounts offered.

PodsMedical (which is directly accessible to shareholders through the PodsEquity shareholder portal is also in full swing. We are continuing to work with our partners to grow our product range so that you have greater access to products and savings.

Still to come…

We are in negotiations with a supply partner that will provide PodsEquity shareholders with significant discounts on high quality Shockwave units, which is exciting.

Medi Australia are currently working with our IT boffins to integrate their product range into our shareholder portal so that you can all access the discounts that have already been negotiated.




We are also in the process of organising practical workshops including "How to Effectively Treat Hallux Valgus prior to Surgical Intervention" and "Basic and Advanced workshops for Podiatrists on Exercise Rehabilitation”. Over the next 12 months we aim to increase the frequency of workshops with practical content, where you will be able to immediately implement the techniques learned in your clinics. 


The PodsEquity concept is built on volume, so the more active shareholders we have on board, using the platform and enjoying the products and services, the more volume we can drive through with the supply partners. The more shareholders that become part of our movement, the more volume we create together. This all leads to better buying power and a greater ability for us to capture profits that would ordinarily go to other companies, drive lower-cost products and services and ensure that these profits are passed back to you as sharehoders!

These captured profits will also allow PodsEquity to to create awareness and cross-promotional marketing campaigns that benefit all podiatrsts and the industry as a whole through widespread education.

And finally, a big THANK YOU to all of you that have helped spread the word that is PodsEquity. Our little movement is gaining massive momentum and we here at PodsEquity couldn’t be happier sharing it with you.

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