PodsConnect, our very own Telco!

11 April 2019

Dearest Pods,

I was going to wait until system integrations took place, but I couldn't wait to share this exciting news.

We now have our own Telco company!

PodsConnect has been established and all the relevant partnerships have been consummated!

This took a good 8 months of negotiations, which included 16 meetings, 84 phone calls, 743 emails, and countless hours of modelling.

As we are developing the new portal over the next few months, we will integrate our systems with our partners and suppliers to enable a seamless experience for Pods to order any telecommunications service require for home or work.

  • Internet services (NBNCo)

  • Mobile Phone Services

  • Land Line services 

  • And more.

The model is still the same, we buy at wholesale, Pods see discounts and Pods see the profits generated. Win-Win.

As always, thanks for all your support thus far.

Best Regards,


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