Meet Your New GM!

14 August 2019

Sean brings a wealth of experience to the team in key areas that are required to build the foundations of any new business including business operations, team management, leadership, start-ups, supply partnerships, procurement and project management.

Sean is fully accountable and responsible for the day-to-day operations of your PodsEquity, including the full implementation of the online Marketplace platform (which our members order all products and services through), growing the number of supply partners on the platform and user experience.

He has held senior positions in SME’s, management positions at large blue-chip organisations, and has previously started up businesses from scratch.

Sean is also an active mental health and equality advocate, a speaker & ambassador for beyondblue and an author, and he is passionate about helping others succeed.

When asked why he was so excited at the opportunity to take on the job as General Manager of PodsEquity, Sean said:

“PodsEquity has the capability to galvanise an industry, and create so much value for the pod shareholders. I love the fact that our shareholders, regardless of whether they are a practice owner or not, can reduce their costs, get access to new streams of income previously unavailable to the industry and receive 100% of the profits of the business as dividends too.

Being able to put money back into the pockets of podiatrists, for effectively doing the same things that they are doing day-to-day anyway, is pretty cool.

For me, PodsEquity was an opportunity to create something meaningful, that can positively impact so many people, so it was something that I was definitely not going to pass up!”

Our shareholders will no doubt hear from Sean in the very near future, and remember that PodsEquity belongs to our shareholders - it's your company. As the shareholders, Sean works for you, so we encourage you to reach out, make contact, ask questions, give feedback. The more insights you can give Sean, the better off PodsEquity will be as a business, and the better off you will all be as shareholders.

Sean’s personal details have been sent to all shareholders, and they are able to reach out to Sean directly.

Together for a stronger podiatry profession.

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