Why become a Pods Equity shareholder

Better Future

The genesis of The Co-op and the Pods Equity idea is to unite and give all Australian podiatrists the ability to own one singlle company. It was born by a group of podiatrists who saw the need to protect the commercial interests of podiatrists and help support the podiatry industry due to fragmentation that existed in the supply chain of the profession.

Enabling a whole profession of podiatrists to become successful doesn't just happen on its own. It requires the community itself to band together and work towards this common goal.

Pods Equity aims to provide value to our pod shareholders and help support advocacy groups like APodA to unite and galvanise the profession.

Up until now there has never been such an initiative where a group of allied health professionals have united on this scale to benefit themselves and their fellow practitioners.

The time has come to make a positive drive for change and for all pods to band together.

Marketplace Ecosystem

Over 5,200 podiatrists across Australia are already spending hundreds of millions of dollars on products and services from all over the world, from many different sources.

Wouldn't it be nice to purchase these products and services from a company that you own?

How about using the collective strength of all pods to drive innovation and uncover new revenue streams?

The Marketplace is an e-commerce buying portal which brings together an ecosystem of supply partners and is your opportunity to obtain better rates and capture profits from the purchases you and your fellow pod shareholders are making everyday.

This is the engine for Pods Equity shareholders which will enable a more united future for themselves and their colleagues, and will also drive dividends back to you from the purchases that you're alreaedy making!