For Podiatrists. By Podiatrists.

Pods Equity turns the lens in the direction of the podiatrist, so it only makes sense that this company, is owned by the podiatrists by the way of shared equity.

Our vision is to drive shareholder value by providing a platform and ecosystem, where podiatrists and their clinics can utilise the shared supply chain to power efficiencies and financial benefit.

The Team

Laurence Sidari

With 40 years of experience in the Podiatry profession, Laurence has always been at the forefront of ensure Podiatry in Australia has an important role and place within Allied Health.

Laurence has been a board member of the Australian Podiatry Association for 39 years and also served as a Vice President and also served as President for 2 years. Served as President of NSW Sports Podiatry Group, Served Board Member and President of the Allied Health Professionals Board, currently on the Education Advisory Committee Podiatry program University of Western Sydney, Served on the NSW Podiatry Registration Board, Board member of Sports Medicine NSW and Fellow of the Australian Academy of Sports Medicine.

Professionally, Laurence has also lectured to other professionals extensively on biomechanics as well as special interest groups on podiatry, diabetes, sports footwear and footwear over many years. Extensive experience in clinical biomechanics, diabetes, pod paediatrics, nail surgery and soft tissue curettage as well as corrective orthotic therapy and various other modalities in private practice.

In addition, Laurence was also the Podiatrist for St George Rugby League team for 4 years, the Westfield Ultra marathon Sydney to Melbourne for 4 years. Podiatrist for Oxfam long distance event for 3 years as well as numerous events including the City to Surf Fun Run in Sydney

Sydney Olympics as part of the podiatry team working at the Olympics Polyclinic during both able and disabled Games. As well as art of the Podiatric team working at the Polyclinic at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

Laurence is currently serving on The Podiatry Co-op board.

Omar Baarini
Podiatric Surgeon

Dr Omar Baarini was awarded his Podiatric surgical fellowship through the Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons having been involved in over 3000 foot and ankle procedures. During his time training in foot and ankle surgery, Dr Omar has spent preceptorship time abroad which has included the United Kingdom, and the United States; as well as having undertaken various courses locally and internationally (including Germany, Hong Kong, Jordan and Indonesia).

Dr Omar has a particular interest in trying to keep patients ambulatory post-surgery where possible, and aims at providing the least traumatic surgical approaches to his patients to achieve this. He also has a deep interest in using his skills set for charity work. He has helped in surgical training and surgical work in third world countries having been involved in charity surgical missions abroad and aims to continue doing this work into the future.

Omar, is currently serving on The Podiatry Co-op board.

Ozan Amir
Podiatric Surgeon

Dr Ozan Amir obtained his undergraduate podiatry degree from the Queensland University of Technology in 1994 and completed his Master of Podiatry from Curtin University in 2004. He has worked in private practice for 18 years in both Canberra and Sydney.

He obtained his surgical training with the Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons, with additional clinical and surgical training based in the United Kingdom and the United States. Ozan completed his United Kingdom preceptorship within the Orthopaedic department of the Great Western Hospital, Swindon, where he focused on forefoot and diabetic high risk foot surgery.

He also completed 3 months surgical training at the prestigious Podiatry Institute, Atlanta, Georgia. During this time, Ozan broadened his experience in rear foot reconstructive surgery. Ozan is a sessional lecturer at the Central Queensland University, School of Podiatry, and has been active within the NSW Podiatry community, being part of many workshops, continuing education lectures, and conference presentations.

Ozan, is currently serving on The Podiatry Co-op board.

Shannon Hurvitz

Shannon Hurvitz is an Australian-educated, South African born podiatrist graduating from a Bachelor of Health Science with a Masters in Podiatric Medicine from Western Sydney University in 2015. Shannon served as trainee at clinics in Geelong and Condoblin, and various public & private clinics across Sydney and Melbourne.  

Based in Sydneys Eastern Suburbs working in a multidisciplinary private practise, Shannon has a uncompromising passion for delevoping the podiatry profession and empowering the Podiatric community. 

Shannon, is currently serving on The Podiatry Co-op board.

Sean Towner
General Manager

Sean brings a wealth of experience to the Pods Equity team in key areas including business operations, team management, leadership, start-ups, supply partnerships, procurement and project management.

He has held senior positions in SME’s, management positions at large blue-chip organisations, and has previously started up businesses from scratch.

Sean is also an active mental health and equality advocate, a speaker & ambassador for beyondblue and an author, and he is passionate about helping others succeed.

When asked why he was so excited at the opportunity to take on the job as General Manager of Pods Equity, Sean said:

“I love the fact that our shareholders, regardless of whether they are a practice owner or not, can reduce their costs, get access to new streams of income previously unavailable to the industry and receive 100% of the profits of the business as dividends too.

Being able to put money back into the pockets of podiatrists, for effectively doing the same things that they are doing day-to-day anyway, is pretty cool.

For me, Pods Equity was an opportunity to create something meaningful, that can positively impact so many people, so it was something that I was definitely not going to pass up!”

Sean is the General Manager of Pods Equity and is fully accountable and responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business.

Here's the deal

Marketplace Ecosystem
Scale means we negotiate with suppliers more effectively. Meaning products and services that are all competitive in pricing.
Profits generated by the marketplace go back to Podiatrists, who also have a right to vote in steering the ship.
Better Future
This means Podiatrists can finally do things that we could not do before. It’s our future, so we should own it. Will you join us?