Podiatrists, what if we all joined forces?

Pods Equity is a podiatry co-operative; created by podiatrists, for podiatrists. It is company in which any podiatrist in Australia can become a shareholder, and uses the collective buying power of all members to negotiate lower costs on the products and services that you use everyday, and unlock opportunities not available to pods individually.

Why Pods Equity?

  • Group buying power means other pods are now your business partners! You profit when they do :)
  • Prescribe and sell ASICS shoes direclty from your practice or consulting room
  • Get significant discounts on your HICAPS fees
  • Use funds generated to support advocacy groups (like APodA) to create a national marketing campaigns for podiatry - we own the foot and ankle!
  • 100% of Profits generated go back to Shareholders
  • All shares are created equal - your shares have the same rights as the Directors 

Here's the deal

Marketplace Ecosystem
Scale means we negotiate with suppliers more effectively. Meaning products and services that are all competitive in pricing.
Profits generated by the marketplace go back to Podiatrists, who also have a right to vote in steering the ship.
Better Future
This means Podiatrists can finally do things that we could not do before. It’s our future, so we should own it. Will you join us?

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